The Rare Birds

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The Great Hornbill, also known with other names like Concave-Casqued Hornbill, Great Indian Hornbill or Great Pied Hornbill.

It as the official Kerala state bird.

The Amazing Bird World

The Orange-Bellied Leafbird is generally found at eastern Himalayas & Uttarakhand areas.

Flycatcher family found in entire South America and southern North America.

The flycatcher's language is a - piit piit piit pidddhhrrrreeedrr,

The Grey-Headed Fish Eagle is a fish-eating bird lives in South East Asia

Holding fish in legs

The Ashy Drongo is a species of bird in the drongo family

It is found across South and Southeast Asia.

They has short legs and often sits high on a tree.

The Ashy Drongo are generally found in pairs or small groups. During migration they fly in small team.